“I am now enjoying the quality of life personally and professionally that allows me to practice dentistry with the satisfaction of practice ownership without the worries and headaches of running the day to day operations.” —  BM DDS, Hillcrest, CA

I’ve had numerous long standing patients comment on the “energy” and “new feel” of the office. I’ve a new found excitement, I’ve not had for a long time, in showing up to work and.. being “present, making their day, and being playful”. And now, although I’ve always chosen to have a “good attitude” in life and at work …It’s so much easier now! For me, that is just one of the benefits of being a part of the PDS family. So again, a heartfelt thank you!”   — S.C., DDS, Encinitas Dental Designs

Million Dollar day truly left me with knowledge that will take my practice to the million dark mark and beyond. I am so grateful for the opportunity to absorb more business development tools than the decade of working with practice consultants. – J. Kim DDS, Orange County

Have you ever wondered about coming to the office and not worrying about accounts receivable, accounts payable and employee payroll forms? How about not worrying about the payroll itself? It is possible to continue to provide dental care to your long term patients and at the same time stop going home with all the paperwork. So, before you decide to just retire from your practice consider retiring from the business of your practice. I did and I found that change provided a new appreciation for the privilege of the profession. That was several years ago, I would recommend a conversation with Professional Dental Partners to see if this kind of change would work for you. – W Tennant, Berkeley