Aspire to have a dental career out of the chair practicing dentistry?
Premier Dental Solutions is a resource for entrepreneurial dentists who are looking to build a multi million dollar business by acquiring and operating multiple practices. By working with premier dental solutions, we’ve engineered the process to help dentists build a multi practice empire from acquisition to management all while working less and making more money.

Practice Management

You Practice — We Manage

Let us provide you with scalable and sustainable solutions that can help you grow your practice and guide you in transitioning to multi-practice ownership. The cost of a small team, the benefit of hundreds of top-flight dentistry professionals.

Premier Partner Program

D.D.S. – Defining Dental Success

You’re not just a doctor—you’re a business owner. When you become a Premier Partner, you unlock access to hundreds of hours of intensive training that will make you as comfortable running your business as you are in the chair.

About Us

Built by Dentists — for Dentists

We’re a team committed to preserving the character and ownership of private practices, with economies of scale and innovative approaches that beat corporate practices at their own game. We adapt to new trends better than our corporate counterparts, and work hard every day to ensure private practitioners always have a place at the multi-practice table.

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